Celebrating the Wisdom of Women

You are warmly invited to join us on Sunday 28th April at Mandeville Place to celebrate women’s wisdom and the role of gender on the work towards enlightenment.

This Celebration of the Wisdom of Women event will mark the first step of an exciting journey to discover and uncover inspiring and insightful work by wise women. The aim is to make that work known for the enrichment of all and to deepen our understanding of ourselves, male and female.

The programme will include lectures, displays, music, panel and group discussions and more. The material is drawn from a variety of cultures from ancient times to the present-day and it includes wisdom from wise women themselves and from others on the teachings of wise women, as well as feminine wisdom expressed in diverse pursuits. People from all all’s of life and students of philosophy will be interested to explore the qualities of wisdom manifested by women and to question the part played by gender on the path towards enlightenment.

Further details on the programme and format of the day please refer to the programme tab. If you would like to get involved, or ask any questions, please email the organisers


The timings for the day are as follows:

09.30 – Registration with refreshments

10.00 – Event starts

Buffet lunch and afternoon tea will be served and included in ticket price.

17.30 – Event close


The programme reflects the wide applications of wisdom from historic overviews to current themes. The following sessions show a flavour of topics which will be presented during this event:


Artificial Intelligence

AI tends to be seen as a purely tech subject but wisdom is crucial to its success. This session will cover the difference it makes to society by having more wisdom in the sector and more wise women steering its applications. A very current and future platform for the wisdom of women.

Speaker: Alice Wyatt


The Queen

A woman that has held a unique role, spanning decades and seen major historic events occur under her reign. What wisdom has been demonstrated by Her Majesty? This session will take us through HM'slife and actions against a backdrop of wisdom.

Speaker: Richard Garry


Redressing the Balance - the wisdom of women from ancient to modern times

Where are the wise women through history? If you would like to hear which women made history with their wisdom and wish to know how they influenced events, then don’t miss this session!

Presenter: Diane Piper


Composition & Performance of Music

Female composers are rare occurrences, more so those that used music to communicate wisdom or inspire wise reflections in their audiences. The session will explore both these themes and offer a live musical accompaniment for the audience to deepen appreciation of the work.

Presenter: Ann Garry

Performers: Ann Garry (piano and horn), Helena Ruinard (violin) and Will Pate (vocals)


Sri Anandamayi Ma

India is known for being a strong spiritual centre, and one of the most notable wise people to have graced many lives was Sri Anandamayi Ma. She realised herself and became a guru at the age of 26 and provided wise consul to thousands of followers. Ma was a wise woman of a special kind and this session will try to communicate her deep wisdom and fine qualities.

Presenter: Melanie Wilkins


African Wise Women

It is a vast continent, with few historic records of wise women survivingthrough the ages making their discovery a challenge. But, over more recent times there are some wise female powerhouses coming through that will inspire you with their innate sense of justice, courage and wise approach to life. A thoroughly inspiring session.

Presenter: Jo Robinson


Way of Thought

This session will be looking to address some fundamental questions around,and related to, the event’s theme; Where does gender stop and start on our way towards enlightenment? How would philosophy be undertaken if women had been able toparticipateequally ormay be say more fully in it throughout history? Is there such a thing as female quality and male quality of thought?

Answers to these questions will help men and women towards self-knowledge. 

Presenter: Elina Grigoriou


And more on the day!